Lumii™ Studio Ring Light

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They KNOW that the secret to super high-quality content starts with proper lighting.
They KNOW that professional content stand out infinitely more online.
It’s also one of the biggest things that separates themselves from more casual people.


Why Lumii™?



Use Lumii™ to:

- capture stunning photos that catches peoples attention

- record professional videos that people will continue watching

- apply make-up with full knowledge of how it looks

- improve the look of your live streams to attract more viewers

 Instant Results:

Set up Lumii™ in just minutes and be amazed by the immediate difference it makes!

You will literally have perfect lighting anywhere you go.



  30 Lighting Settings:


There’s no simpler change that will so drastically improve your pics, videos or makeup application than finding the perfect lighting setting.

There's a setting for every person!




 Simple 3-Step Setup:

1.Set up the tripod in under a minute.

2.Screw on the ring light.

3.Use the controller to adjust the brightness.




 Adjustable Length:

Use Lumii™ on your table/desk or extend it to stand on the floor.

The tripod is well built & extends from 21"/53cm up to 63"/160cm.

 Smartphone Friendly:

You can use ANY smartphone with Lumii™.

Do you offer a money back guarantee?

Yes, our policy lasts for 30 days.


How do I setup the tripod?

Watch the setup video further up this page!


How many light modes does Lumii™ have?

Lumii™ has three different light modes:

- white light

- natural light

- warm light

Each light mode has 10 brightness levels adding up to a total of 30 beautiful lighting settings.


How do I adjust the brightness?

With the help of a controller. Toggle through all the 30 different brightness settings and find which one suit you the best.


How do I power the ring light?

Lumii™ is USB powered. Therefore, no batteries are required.


The cable can be plugged into any device containing a USB-port such as a:

- power adapter

- powerbank

- laptop

- computer


This gives you the freedom to bring the ring light and tripod wherever you go!


Does it come with a phone holder?

Yes, and you can attach any smartphone you'd like.


Can you adjust the length?

Yes,  you can use Lumii™ on your table/desk or extend it to stand on the floor.

The tripod extends from 21"/53cm up to 63"/160cm.


Can I twist and rotate the ring light?

Yes, you can twist & turn the ring light in any direction you want.

The smartphone holder attachment is also rotatable & you can adjust the position of your phone from left, right & center


Can you fold the tripod?

Yes, you can fold the tripod as a table/desk tripod or unfold it to stand on the floor.


How tall is Lumii™?

The tripod extends from 21"/53cm up to 63"/160cm.


Is the tripod heavy to carry?

Not at all. The tripod is steady, lightweight & portable. You can take photos & shoot videos wherever you want.


Is Lumii™ multifunctional?

Yes, use Lumii™ to:

- capture stunning photos

- record high-quality videos

- improve the look of your live streams


How tall is the tripod stand?

Max height: 63''/160 cm.

Min height: 21''/53 cm.


What's the size of the ring lamp?

It has a diameter of 10"/26 cm.


Is it compatible with iPhone and Android?

Yes, it's compatible with ALL smartphones.


Is the actual light detachable?

Yes it is.


Can you move the phone holder?

Yes, you can move it & twist it in multiple directions.

Shipping is always tracked for security reasons.

There may be some delays to international shipments during COVID-19. Please bare with us & feel free to contact if you got any questions:

Delivery time:

🇺🇸 USA:
10- 15 business days.

During busy weeks: up to 30 business days.

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During busy weeks: up to 30 business days.

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During busy weeks: up to 30 business days.

🌎 Rest of the World:
13-17 business days.

During busy weeks: up to 30 business days.



how the light wraps around the subjects perfectly & eliminates all the unflattering shadows.


Don't take our word for it. Learn what our customers think about Lumii™ 🙂

"So worth the money"

"The lighting is class"

"Really easy to setup"


Yes, you read the image correct.

The image on the left is taken with lighting equipment worth almost $11,000.

The image on the right is taken using a $54.95 Lumii™ Studio Ring Light.

Professional lighting equipment:

4x Profoto B1 - $2,095 EACH🥵

1x Softbox - $651

1x Stripbox - $461

1x Air Remote - $320

3x Speedrings - $558

1x Octabank - $774

= $10,764

You no longer need amazing photography skills & pro equipment to create stunning, professional visual content.

You just need Lumii™.




If you don't find value from Lumii™, return it to us and we'll give you a full refund 🙂