No wires, no worries

BlackPods 2 are true wireless earbuds. This means no cables are involved whatsoever. You no longer have to untangle your earbuds before using them and you can move freely without worrying that your earphone-wire might get caught in objects.


Design & Style

BlackPods 2 have a compact & minimalistic design that allow them to blend into the listener's everyday style, whether it’s a street look, tailored suit or gym gear.


24H Battery Life

BlackPods 2 have 3 hours of constant playback time. However, the powerful wireless charging case holds multiple charges for a combined 20 hour battery life.

Charge your earbuds in between sessions and they'll be ready to be used whenever you need them.

Battery % is displayed on iOS devices (iPhone, iPad etc).


Automatic In-ear Detection

You can use your earbuds interchangeably. If you remove one of the earbuds, the music will automatically pause. Put the earbud back in your ear and the music will continue to play, kinda like magic.

Wireless Charging

They even support wireless charging for maximum convenience & safety. Wireless charging puts less strain on your device's charging port and it's also a safer way to transfer power to your BlackPods.

BlackPods support wireless charging with Qi-certified products. Simply put the charging case on the wireless charging pad and wait for it to fill up.


Pairing Process (4 easy steps)


1. Make sure Bluetooth is on.

2. Open up the charging case (with the earbuds still inside) close to your iPhone.

3. A pop-up animation will display.

4. Tap connect on your iPhone and press and hold the button on the back of your charging case until they connect. Enjoy.


1. Enter your Bluetooth settings.

2. Open up the charging case (with the earbuds still inside) close to your Android device.

3. Wait for your BlackPods to show up.

4. Tap and wait for them to connect. Enjoy.

With Bluetooth 5.0 and the W1-earphone chip, BlackPods 2 provides a fast and reliable connection to your iPhone or Android device.

They'll also stay connected to your device once paired. Simply take the earbuds out of it's case and put them in your ears. It's that easy.

Tracking & Customization

Use Find My iPhone to track your BlackPods and quickly locate them if you ever loose them. Phew...

You can also rename your BlackPods 2. Simply select your BlackPods from your Bluetooth-list of devices and type in a new name.


Touch Controls

- Tap once to play, pause or answer a call.

- Tap twice to skip to next song.

- Tap three times to replay or play a previous song.

Inside your BlackPods 2 settings you can choose whatever touch controls you'd like. The touch controls presented above are simply the standard set of commands.

What's Included?

- 1 x Pair of BlackPods 2™ Earbuds

- 1 x Wireless Charging Case

- 1 x USB Charging Cable

- 1 x Manual