Do you offer a money back guarantee?

Yes, our policy lasts for 30 days.


How do I setup the tripod?

Watch the setup video further up this page!


How many light modes does Lumii™ have?

Lumii™ has three different light modes:

- white light

- natural light

- warm light

Each light mode has 10 brightness levels adding up to a total of 30 beautiful lighting settings.


How do I adjust the brightness?

With the help of a controller. Toggle through all the 30 different brightness settings and find which one suit you the best.


How do I power the ring light?

Lumii™ is USB powered. Therefore, no batteries are required.


The cable can be plugged into any device containing a USB-port such as a:

- power adapter

- powerbank

- laptop

- computer


This gives you the freedom to bring the ring light and tripod wherever you go!


Does it come with a phone holder?

Yes, and you can attach any smartphone you'd like.


Can you adjust the length?

Yes,  you can use Lumii™ on your table/desk or extend it to stand on the floor.

The tripod extends from 21"/53cm up to 63"/160cm.


Can I twist and rotate the ring light?

Yes, you can twist & turn the ring light in any direction you want.

The smartphone holder attachment is also rotatable & you can adjust the position of your phone from left, right & center


Can you fold the tripod?

Yes, you can fold the tripod as a table/desk tripod or unfold it to stand on the floor.


How tall is Lumii™?

The tripod extends from 21"/53cm up to 63"/160cm.


Is the tripod heavy to carry?

Not at all. The tripod is steady, lightweight & portable. You can take photos & shoot videos wherever you want.


Is Lumii™ multifunctional?

Yes, use Lumii™ to:

- capture stunning photos

- record high-quality videos

- improve the look of your live streams


How tall is the tripod stand?

Max height: 63''/160 cm.

Min height: 21''/53 cm.


What's the size of the ring lamp?

It has a diameter of 10"/26 cm.


Is it compatible with iPhone and Android?

Yes, it's compatible with ALL smartphones.


Is the actual light detachable?

Yes it is.


Can you move the phone holder?

Yes, you can move it & twist it in multiple directions.